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Senior Casey Loving visited his grandparents in New Jersey earlier this month. He was happy that he got to take a photo in his graduation gown with his grandfather who died Monday.

Ciao, Papa Louie

May 18, 2020

Inessential hostility

Inessential hostility

April 22, 2020

Inside looking out

April 1, 2020

Senior Casey Loving stays after school with seniors Abby McCoy and Preston Hunt on their penultimate day of school. The three had no clue the next day at Maize would be their last.

A time for sorrow

March 18, 2020

Behind the Screens

Carter Jones, Reporter

January 31, 2020

One of the first rules we learn as vulnerable little children is, “Don’t talk to strangers, and especially not online.” Who knew that one day, defying that rule would get me some of the best friends I’ve ever made. ...

The judgment

Keira McGinty, Reporter

January 30, 2020

Sometimes I think I look for things to be angry at.  I can’t remember the last time I was able to enjoy something completely normally. Recently, casually consuming media has come easier to me, which is a big achievement for ...

The fall of Oscar Schmidt

Preston Hunt, Reporter

January 30, 2020

When I was in seventh grade, I begged my mom to play an instrument. Initially she said no, but after several months of persistent--and I’m sure quite annoying--begging she finally gave in. Why did I want so badly to play an ...

One of senior Rayne Rekoske's photos from a session with her sister-in-law.

Choose kindness

January 28, 2020

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