A Love Letter


Illustration by: Alexis Baty

Brooklynn White, Reporter

This isn’t your typical love letter. This letter is to the person in my life that is blissfully unaware of the fact that I’m still alive because of her. 

Her lungs breathe for the both of us most days. She feeds my dreams with her support and encouragement. This woman’s words echo in my head in the morning when I’m struggling to start my day and then throughout it too. 

She’s not the most confident but she is absolutely stunning in every aspect of the word, even though she never believes me. By this, I simply mean that her kindness and thoughtfulness are just as eye-catching as her long black hair and deep, brown eyes. Her actions towards others speak much louder than her soft, reserved voice. 

No, she isn’t the most popular or the richest, but she is the one young woman in my life that constantly pushed me to work harder and love more. 

This is a love letter to the woman who’s protected me from people I never thought I’d need protecting from, including myself, and also the woman who always tells me what I deserve. 

On your worst days, she’d be the one to sit by you on the bathroom floor in silence and just wait until you’re ready. At the same time, this woman would drag your butt out of bed and push you just to do the best version of yourself. 

My main hype woman and also my own personal FBI detective. The peanut butter to my jelly and my favorite person to scream song lyrics in the car with. 

She’s a beautiful mess of a contradiction wrapped in a bow and I couldn’t ask for anything more. 

This is a platonic love letter. A letter dedicated to the person that I would introduce as my sister. I could never possibly describe in words the amount of love and peace she brings into my life. 

A letter to my best friend, Miranda Cordova.