Q&A: Freshman volleyball player Avery Lowe and Head Coach Teri Larson


Photo by Sydney Peterson-Maize South yearbook

Freshman Avery Lowe has played a significant role for the one-loss Mavericks this volleyball season.

Lexi Cole, Bullseye staff reporter

Teri Larson-Head Coach of the Mavericks volleyball team

Q-Do you coach JV or varsity?

A-I coach varsity.

Q-How long have you been coaching?

A-This is my 31st year.

Q-What inspired you to start coaching?

A-Well, I love sports. I played them through high school and college. When Maize South started their softball program, they didn’t have anyone that could do fast pitch so they asked me and I thought it would be cool. I wasn’t even a teacher then. Then I got into volleyball and then I got my teaching degree. So I kinda did it backwards.

Q-What is one of the main things that you have been working on in practice?

A-We always work on our serving, because you can’t have a good game if the serving isn’t good. 

Q-Do the girls you coach work well together?

A-Most of the time. There’s a few arguments but for the most part, they all get along.

Freshman Avery Lowe-Player on the Mavericks volleyball team

Q-How long have you played volleyball?

A-Umm, about seven years I think.

Q-Do you play for JV or Varsity?

A-I play varsity.

Q-Is there anything that you are or are not allowed to eat before a game?

A-Well, there is not really anything my coach doesnt let me eat, but I usually don’t eat milk products before a game.

Q-Who is your coach?

A-Terry Larson.

Q-Do you look up to her as a role model?


Q-Do you see her as more than just a coach?



A-Well, she is just really nice and helps me. She listens to my problems and cares about my life.

Q-When you are in a game, what is going through your head?

A-Just to stay calm and focus.

Q-Why did you start playing volleyball?

A-Actually, everyone kept saying that im tall and that I should play volleyball, so I just did it, and, well, I guess I just fell in love with it I guess you would sa

Q-What do you look for in a teammate?

A-Someone that is willing to help me and support me. Someone that is not going to put me down if I don’t do well, but will help me fix the problem.