Fall Extravaganza

Maddie Neigenfind, Reporter

The starting of fall sports is just around the corner. Maize’s Fall Sports Extravaganza is this Friday and the athletes are getting anxious to start their seasons on the right foot.

“It’s going to be a great season,” junior quarterback Brayden Payne said, “We’re returning so many people who started last year. Everybody has just been working hard and showing up to everything and our line has gotten so much better than last year. “

Freshman football will have their scrimmages at 7:15pm and Varsity introduction and scrimmage will begin at 8:00pm

The extravaganza is a big way to show off the fall sports players and raise money for them as well as clubs at Maize. Various club will be set up with games to play as well as prizes to win. Volleyball will be holding a 50/50 fundraiser after their scrimmages.

Volleyball will have the freshman team scrimmage the JV team at 6:30pm and directly after, JV will scrimmage Varsity in the main gym.

“We have an extremely talented group of girls,” head coach Betsy Manning said, “they’ve worked extremely hard during the off season.”

A schedule of all the events, times and locations are below.

Fall Extravaganza events, times, and location. The Extravaganza will be held on Friday from 5pm-11pm