Movie Review: Deadpool

February 19, 2016

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Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Go see “Deadpool” right now. Get up, go to your local theatre, and buy a ticket. Don’t wait until minutes before the showing, as it’s bound to be sold out. Don’t say I didn’t tell you when you can’t get a seat.

In the era of PG-13, family-friendly superhero movies, “Deadpool” is a gorey, sexual, vulgar masterpiece of immaturity.

Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, is famous for breaking the fourth wall, and the movie does not disappoint. I’m going to keep this review very light in the spoilers department as “Deadpool” is best experienced blind but from the very beginning, self-referential humor is present. Even the marketing campaign was full of jokes.

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An official ad for “Deadpool” presenting the movie as the next Valentine’s Day romance film

Do be warned, “Deadpool” earns its R rating. There’s enough gore in the first ten minutes to warrant it and enough nudity and language in the rest to keep that rating alive.  My dad says they could’ve made a PG-13 version and still had the same effect. I disagree completely.

Most comics are the equivalent of PG-13, but “Deadpool,” the comic, is one of the few that can’t be given justice with a PG-13 adaptation. The gore isn’t ever over-the-top. What really puts it at R rating is the language and nudity. There are a few scenes with full-frontal, and the one liners would have lost their effect without Deadpool’s signature vulgarity.

I really wish I could tell you everything about the movie, but I can’t spoil any jokes on a good conscience. All you need to know is, I’m buying whatever special edition DVD they release in the next few months. It’s that good.

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