Acapella app takes over Twitter

Jesse Ellis, Reporter

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The “Acapella” app has been seen throughout Maize and opened up a new opportunity for students to bring entertainment to their social media accounts.

The “Acapella” app allows you to create a musical collage of videos on a single video. It is used to create a collaboration of yourself or others and the audio is synced together to form an “acapella.”

Senior Lucas Farney made a video with his phone. At first, he said the experience was “a little hard to figure out.”

“I think you can do some really cool stuff with it. It gives you an opportunity to do things that you can’t really do with your voice because there is only one of you,” Farney said.

You can find the “Acapella” app in the iTunes app store. You can also find similar apps on Google Play.

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