Maize South Intermediate PTO invites school community to skate

Maize South Intermediate School to host school fundraiser this Wednesday at Carousel Skate Center to benefit school community

Tomorrow night, Carousel Skate Center is hosting a fundraiser with Maize South Intermediate School hoping to create a family-fun experience. Elementary schools in USD 266 are no strangers to creative fundraiser ideas that include spelling bees, skate nights, carnivals, talent shows, after-school game nights.

MSIS believes it is a great way to show school spirit and get everyone together to have a good time. 

For Maize South Intermediate School’s Principal Karen LaMunyon, the idea of finding something for everyone is at the top of her list.

“It gets everybody involved,” LaMunyon said.

LaMunyon finds that generating a fun and enjoyable night is what brings the students together.

MSIS tries to create memorable experiences for their students as often as they can to ensure bonding between the kids. It is a common objective that they want to encourage and try to focus on forming relationships between students and teachers.

Based on last year’s success, the PTO continues to work with Carousel to hold more fundraisers to benefit their school initiatives.

“I didn’t realize that the kids loved it as much as they do,” LaMunyon said.

She hopes this year’s turnout will be just as good as the last.
 MSIS’s goal is to provide for the school and take care of their teacher’s needs.

After the fundraiser, plans for future spirit nights aren’t over just yet. As well as helping out their teachers, funds will go towards events set up for the remainder of the school  year.

Maize South Intermediate PTO sets financial goals to meet each year and they will continue to work towards achieving that goal.

LaMunyon invites all students and families within the MSIS community to join the kids on Wednesday for some family fun.

“Everybody’s invited,” said LaMunyon.

Molly Stover-Brown