Legally Blonde cast members continue to prepare for opening night mid-February

Actors and actresses for Legally Blonde attempt to balance school, part time jobs and home life while preparing for their OneMa1ze production.


Leah Brown

Maize High senior Sarah Conner sings and dances with the cast. “The best thing about the musical is making new relationships, learning new choreography, and being apart of something,” Conner said.

Leah Brown and Avery Liedl

In less than one month, performers from both Maize High and Maize South will take the stage together for the first time in a decade to present Legally Blonde to the Maize community.

Maize High junior Emma Dugan has had opportunities to participate in multiple drama productions because of all of the schools she has attended. Dugan is playing as Vivian Kensington in Legally Blonde.


Avery Liedl

“I have been involved with so many musicals and plays because my family and I have moved around a lot, so I have tried to be involved in all of the drama programs that have been offered at the different schools,” Dugan said.

Maize High senior Sarah Conner has always been involved in choir and drama, and Legally Blonde is her first school musical. Conner will play Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. She is happy with the progress of the cast, but feels the stress in knowing the play is just in a few weeks.

“The rehearsals have been very productive and now it is like learning everything at once isn’t so stressful, which I am thankful for because it is my first school musical,” Conner said.

Emilie Lange, who also plays Elle for Maize South, is super excited to have earned the lead and enjoys Elle’s bubbly personality. She believes she connects with Elle, lead character in the production.

“I’ve been in quite a few shows, but in just high school I worked Tech on Fantasticks my freshman year, I played a couple roles in Leaving Iowa my sophomore year. Junior year I got my first lead as Olive in The Odd Couple and got a supporting role in High School Musical as Taylor,” Lange said. ”Now as a senior, I got to play Katherine in Radium Girls and am now playing Elle in Legally Blonde! I also hope to perform in Little Women, the musical we’re doing in May.”

Micaela Heinrich-Arndt is the Theatre Department Head at Maize South and is also directing Legally Blonde. She is amazed at the teamwork between the lead characters and how they managed to work together with the same role.

Maize South Sophomore Lilyanah Cook plays as Serena, the Delta Nu sister in Legally Blonde. (Leah Brown)

“I’m especially proud of our two leading ladies, Emilie Lange (MSHS) and Sarah Conner (MHS), who both play “Elle,” the main character in the show,” said Heinrich-Arndt. “Since they have the same role, they could have been extremely cutthroat and competitive toward one another, but they have become great friends and even orchestrated an informal cast get-together at the skating rink last Wednesday.”

Heinrich and the casts from both high schools hope people make plans to see one of the four performances of Legally Blonde, starting on opening night, February 16.

“We hope people make plans to see one of our four performances of Legally Blonde on February 16-18. I guarantee you will laugh, and I think you’ll be blown away by the talent in our district. Tickets will go on sale online on February 1,” Heinrich said.