Maize High is in a pickle

To prepare for the winter break, principal Chris Botts created a scavenger hunt for staff to create positivity before the end of the semester.

Isabelle Blasdel

For the first time, Maize High principal Chris Botts hid holiday pickle ornaments around the school for staff to find in hopes of lifting their spirit and providing something fun to do.

The staff members who find the pickle receive a surprise bag with either cash, a gift card, or a white elephant gift. Math teacher Tiffany Hampe was excited when she heard about the pickle competition.

“Even though I love the holidays, it’s a stressful time of the year for everyone,” Hampe said. “This game was a great way to get all the staff involved in something fun and the prizes are great and make me feel appreciated by our administrators.”

Hampe was about to give up searching when she walked through the main office and found the pickle.

“I was so excited when I found the pickle,” Hampe said. “I had been looking all morning anytime I had a free minute.”

Another winner of the pickle contest, math teacher Emily Mitchael, appreciated Bott’s competition.

“It made my heart smile that he would try to bring some cheer to his staff,” Mitchael said.

Right before the holidays is always stressful, and winner Jeremy Bernard thought it brought positivity to the staff.

“This added to the excitement of the season and gave teachers an incentive to look forward to,” Bernard said.