Ray Mathia

Anne Debes – Teachers transition to counselors

Former Maize High teacher Anne Debes taught English and yearbook for 23 years before transitioning to counseling. She was thrilled to still be working at the same school as a counselor.

No day is ever the same or going to go as planned during counseling according to Debes. “You’re going to do so many things in one day, and you can’t control what walks into the door,” Debes said.

There were a lot of things Debes had to adapt to when she first started the job two years ago. She says there are a lot of different hats counselors wear, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her favorite part of the job is watching the students grow into who they are meant to be. “Those moments when you get to celebrate together, or work through something hard and see the students grow in so many ways and find success,” Debes said