Ray Mathia

Tyler Slattery – Teachers transition to counselors

Tyler Slattery now works as a counselor at Maize South Intermediate School after deciding to leave teaching.

“When I first started teaching I worked really closely with the counselors, I just gravitated towards kids that had behavioral issues,” Slattery said.

After spending five years in Maize teaching eighth grade ELA, Slattery made the decision to go back to grad school to get his degree to become a counselor. With all that counselors deal with, he made a point to talk about the importance of mental health and just taking a breath, but also having hobbies that give you something else to do. 

Slattery does prove to love the chaos by DJing on the weekends while having other hobbies outside of his profession.“It can be chaotic but I love it,” Slattery said. “I love the chaos.”