OneMaize offers unequal opportunities

Maize and Maize South’s curriculum differences take away opportunities from students


Leah Brown

Blended learning benefits not only students, but the teachers as well.

Isabelle Blasdel, Editor

OneMaize, the theory that Maize and Maize South are one school district and are equal; but, if we are so-called equals, why is our curriculum different? Maize High’s lack of blended classes makes it evident we are different.

Blended classes allow students to stay home for two days of the week to work on homework they have for the class. This allows teachers to have more time during the class period to teach and do what they need to prepare students for the class, as well as have students prepare for the college schedule, learn on their own, and get caught up if they missed class time.

Design by Cassandra Brown

“The benefit of a blended class is students that are able to work more independently can experience a format that is more like a college class,” Maize South counselor Jennifer Cashman said.  “This hybrid environment is very appealing to some students who are looking for a more flexible schedule. One caution about blended classes is if a student is not self-motivated and able to work well independently, they will most likely not be successful.”

Without blended classes at Maize High, students with health conditions or who miss class are falling behind and missing more in-person class time to ask their questions. 

Even those who regularly attend school would benefit from blended learning. According to Matthew Lynch, a former teacher and now educational consultant who researches education reform and policy from EducationWeek blended learning is more efficient, accessible, engaging, fun, and easier for students to pace themselves.

Blended classes offer health benefits, extra time, and overall a better learning environment for classes that can afford to skip in-class days. Offering blended classes at Maize High will help students feel more included, as the schools would be offering the same opportunities to all students.