District announces new start and end times for 2022-2023


2022-2023 start and end times proposal.

Leah Brown, Fusion Reporter

Starting at the beginning of 2022-2023 school year, time changes, specifically start and end times, will change for all schools in USD 266.

Some times changes are a subtle 5-minute difference, while a few schools have times that have changed by 20 or even 45 minutes.

Maize South High school principal, Becky Sailor, is in her first year currently at MSHS. Sailor believes the start and end times for some schools are being changed next year due to transportation need and the shortage of bus drivers.

“For MSHS, the five minute change will not impact us as much as the larger changes at other buildings.” Sailor added, “The largest impact we will feel is that small amount of time between bus drop off and MCA travel for students, but we are working with our Nutrition department to make sure students have time to eat breakfast and travel to MCA,” said Sailor.

Maize South middle school principal Cort Haynes is unsure of how the policy may impact students but understands that the changes are needed.

“While I do not like the idea of making more adjustments, it is a necessary move in order to accommodate the shortage of bus drivers that we have,” Haynes said. 

MSIS student Morley Coleman is a student facing the new time change. Coleman thinks she can adjust easily to the slight changes in her daily schedule.

“The change next year won’t be massive for me, however, the early start is too early for me. I don’t get ready to eat that early. I will be hungry,” Coleman said.

Coleman’s mother thinks the start time is simply too early for her daughter to really focus on her first class of the day.

“She is so tired and cranky after school and she doesn’t like it. She feels like her bedtime is too early, which is normally at 8:30 or 9 pm, but we make her go to bed at that time because she gets up at 6.  In my opinion, It’s too early to focus on school” MSIS parent said.