Maize freshman has an unusual summer job

Miah Schumacher works for her family business butchering and also does goat wrangling for a sales auction


Photo by tommao wang on Unsplash

Miah Schumacher has been around butchering since she was 2-years-old and now works for her family’s butcher shop. Schumacher hopes that the business will someday be her own. “I think it will be beneficial for handing down and on top of everything that’s going on in the U.S. because there are some shortages with some things and prices are really high right now,” Schumacher said.

Ainsley Cramer, Reporter

With school coming to an end, many Maize students will be working full-time to earn some money over the summer. Typically, teens choose to work in fast food or as a lifeguard, but some students have more unusual jobs than others.

Have you ever considered butchering as a job?


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That’s what Maize High freshman Miah Schumacher does for her family’s business for up to 80 hours a week depending on what they bring in. 

Schumacher said she has been around butchering since she was a toddler and has grown up with it, which has led it to be something she loves doing. 

“I like being with my family,” Schumacher said. “I like doing something I love because butchering is something I’ve been doing since I was 2 when we’d go hunting with my family.”

Schumacher said she hopes the business will someday be her own and plans to stick with it since she is sure the business will thrive because they offer products at lower prices than many stores that are forced to raise prices due to food shortages.

“I stuck with it because I know at one point it could be my business and it’s going to be a striving business because of everything that’s going on here in the U.S. with food prices and everything because this is a low price and it gets the whole business out and known,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher also has a second job, where she does goat wrangling for a sales auction. However, she only works at the auction about once or twice a month because it is a four-hour drive from home.  

Schumacher started goat wrangling a little over two and a half years ago when a family friend invited her and her dad to Ellis, Kansas, for an auction. Ever since then, Schumacher has loved goat wrangling and views the auction as an escape.

“It was our getaway and now that we just keep going it’s just our getaway forever,” Schumacher said. “It’s just a continuous vacation from life.”