Renovating our future

The renovation of Maize High School continues this summer with finishing the locker rooms, science wing and adding special education rooms for a larger freshman class.


Visual by Aiden K. White

The forklift reaches the roof giving materials for construction site workers. It carries up various power tools to get started on the sheet metal for the new overhang.

Aidan K. White, Contributing reporter

This spring, Hutton Construction is busy working to rebuild a part of Maize High School, transforming the front side of the building as well as some inside spaces including the cafeteria, science rooms, special education rooms, and locker rooms.

Hutton construction tore out the overhang on the front side of the building for a brand new remodel February 18th; many rooms will be replaced on the inside of the building to ensure a brand new look for Maize High. 

Andy Willhouse, construction foreman for the rebuild, believes the project is around two thirds complete.

 “We are on pace perfectly for the end date to be staying as originally planned. Not much has gotten in the way other than a few weather delays, so I’d say we’re doing well,” said Willhouse. “None of the summer work has started yet but we are, I would say about 66-67% done because we have four out of six locker rooms complete and the front entryway we are about 50%.”

The Hutton construction foreman walks under the new overhang for the entrance while his employees work on sheet metal for the top of the new roof. The foreman walks to his office to look at the blueprints they have set up for the front of Maize High. (Visual by Aiden White and Georgia Ihde)

Besides constructing a new front entrance, they will also completely change other rooms in the building that would better benefit the overall process of a normal school day at Maize High. This includes an improved physics room and more advanced special education spaces.

Many rooms in the building have a huge impact on the way Maize High functions and the renovations will extend to other fields in the building.

 “Six locker rooms, and then we’re doing the front remodel and then hitting here in the cafeteria and commons area will get a whole new remodel this summer,” said Willhouse. “We also are completely remodeling ten biology classrooms, two chemistry classrooms, one physics classroom, three special education classrooms and new ceiling work, and lights along with five other classrooms.”

For Hutton Construction, they prefer to finish before their due date. It makes the company look good and the projects they work on look even better.

“Today we have eleven guys plus my three workers so that’s fourteen plus roofers so we have about 20 people on site as of right now. As you know if it rains we can’t work outside, one thing that we are able to do is keep subs going by moving them to the locker rooms things like concrete, steel, roofing, and exterior windows, yes weather really does affect our progress.” said Willhouse.

¨As of right now, July 31st is the end date so we have about two and a half, material items that will not ship till the first or second week of August so there will be minor things as teachers and students come back that we will be hanging around. But other than that, we’re done.” said Willhouse.