Maize South prom gets double booked; relocates to gymnasium

Sydney Endicott, Editor/ Photographer.

Illustration by Maddy Rhoads

Junior Lexi Cole and senior Landon Schumaker are not sure that they want to go to this year’s Maize South 2022 prom after finding out that the prom would no longer be held at the Doc Hangar, but instead would happen in the Maize South auxiliary gym. 

“It’s kinda disappointing I’d rather have it at the hangar other than the small gym,”  Schumaker said. “It’s my senior year and I was gonna go regardless.”

On May 26, 2021 sponsors Emily Sndyer and Lindsay Williams received an email confirming that the B-29 Doc Hangar would be available and be able to host our 2022 prom. On March 4 2022, Williams received a call saying that they had double booked for this year with Andover Central and would be unable to host our prom. 

“We were really frustrated and really disapootined for the students,¨ Snyder said. ¨We knew that the facility last year was awesome, and we were looking forward to having that same kind of atmosphere this year.¨

The administration and the sponsors were left with a month to plan and form ideas for prom. A few of those ideas that were put out included moving the prom to April 9th, making the prom just a senior prom, or moving the prom to Disillery 244 in Old Town.

After deciding that sending students downtown late at night and not having to make the students change appointment times, the sponsors and administration decided that it’s best to host the prom at the school.

¨I feel like there’s not going to be enough room because even for there being a gym class in there, they barely had enough room,” Cole said. “I honestly kinda didn’t even wanna go, I thought about returning my dress and just not going.”