Maize South debate team prepares for regionals


Photo by Wesley Rice

Mrs.McMillan (Assistant debate coach) drove out to Collegiate High School with Yasmine Marcos and Gracie Lamb (Pictured Above) for a Novice debate tournament. The pair received a 3-1 score meaning they won three rounds of debate and lost one round. This was their first tournament which means a 3-1 score is very impressive. “My favorite part of a debate tournament is meeting new people and getting to socialize,” said Yasmine Marcos.

Maya Adams, Contributing Reporter

Can you imagine standing in front of people arguing in favor of something you don’t believe in? The Maize South debate team understands this feeling all too well.

Maize South is in the midst of its debate season and will compete in regionals in December, arguing for a chance to go to state.

The team has won more rounds than they have lost this fall, which means that they have defeated their opponent most of their rounds they competed in.

During debate tournaments, teams argue one side of the topic in a round and then go to the next one. Teams often don’t find out if they won a round until the end of the tournament. For Gracie Lamb, this is the most thrilling part of the experience.

“My favorite part of a debate tournament is the rush of dopamine I get when I’m speaking,” Lamb said. “I just really like public speaking, and it’s fun for me.”

Debate helps students learn about current issues in our world. Students argue a topic that was picked before the season. They research and create arguments on the affirmative and negative sides of the topic.

“I encourage people to join debate because it can help students with developing communication skills, which can benefit not only in school but life, ” freshman Parker Blake said.

Junior Amya Carpenter, a varsity debater, enjoys hearing the arguments that other debaters use to reason during their speeches.

“My favorite part of a debate tournament is listening to all the different cases that other schools have prepared,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter’s partner, Matthew Christy, has been around debate for three years and likes teaching others about the strategy of debate.

“My favorite thing about debate tournaments is the atmosphere,” Christy, a junior, said. “Everyone all gathered around and joking between rounds. It’s fun to be around so many people interested in the same things.”