Maurices donates jeans to Maslow´s Closet



Kira McGrown, Sherry Pfeifer, and Maurices worker Kallie McCue carried the donated jeans to Maslow´s Pantry.

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

Maslow´s Pantry and Maurices in New Market Square hosted a jean fundraiser for the Maize community. This fundraiser brought in six large bags of new or barely worn jeans, all of which were donated to Maslow´s Pantry.

Senior Kira McGrown works at Maurices and put on this fundraiser with the help of Sherry Pfeifer.

¨We were hoping to get as many items as possible,¨ McGrown said. ¨We ended up blowing our goal out of the water.¨

English teacher Sherry Pfiefer helps collect items for Maslow’s year-round and helps students get access to the pantry when they are in need of assistance.

¨Maurice´s denim drive has generously helped to stock the supply of jeans at the pantry,¨ Pfeifer said.

McGrown said she enjoyed having everyone excited at her work to help the community.

¨I enjoyed being able to help out the community while tying in my job at Maurices,¨ McGrown said.

Maslow´s Pantry is currently in need of warm clothing such as jackets, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts, socks, mittens, and hats. Maslow´s Pantry accepts donations all year round.

Pfiefer said the best part about the drive was watching the leadership role that McGrown took on.

¨It’s the mission of Maslow´s Pantry- Students Helping Students, and Kira´s efforts were the epitome of that mission in action,¨ Pfeifer said.