Maize district has a food shortage


Justice Mannie, Reporter

Coming up with a consistent lunch menu has been a challenge for the school district because of a shortage with suppliers. 

The Maize school district is one of many districts nationwide that has been impacted by the food shortage, USD 266 Food Service Director Megan Barnard said.

“We can tell our students are noticing the effects of the supply chain on the menu, ” Barnard said. “Overall, we have felt the students have been very supportive and understanding with the menu changes. Our students are still receiving meals that meet the strict nutrition requirements for ninth through twelfth graders.”

The food supply chain is experiencing distress because of labor shortages related to the Covid pandemic, Bloomberg reported this month.

Barnard said at the beginning of the year the district had to work to find a lunch option at the last minute. 

“Earlier in August, when a truck did not come in for MHS, we worked with local-vendor Pizza Hut to provide pizza for us at the last minute when we had minimal food on hand,” Barnard said. “We have two meetings a week with our vendor to talk through the menu, the vendor’s inventory and adjust the menu as necessary or omit items if needed.”

The national school lunch program provides free lunches to all students in the United States this year, so the amount of food needed has increased. 

“It is out of our control and I just feel like the lunch ladies are trying their hardest and doing their best to satisfy us, so hopefully it gets better,” senior Ella Farney said