New MSHS principal inspired by her teachers

Sierra Tinsley, Reporter

Maize South welcomed Becky Sailor as a new principal after their previous principal of 10-years retired.

Becky Sailor, the new principal at Maize South High, got into education because of the past teachers she had. 

Sailor said it was the good — and the bad — teachers in her life who inspired her into the person she is. 

“When I was growing up I felt like I had mainly good role models in school, and people that made me want to be that person for others,” Sailor said.

Sailor graduated from Heights High School before going to Newman to get her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She shuffled between business and criminal justice before finally deciding on education.

Sailor replaced Dave Hickerson, who had been MSHS principal for 10 years. It’s her first job as a principal after being an assistant in the Wichita school district. 

“What I have discovered is that everyone is so nice. It’s been a great thing to come into,” she said.

She said she doesn’t have any extravagant plans for Maize South.

“I told my staff and I told parents that my commitment to them is to listen and learn first,” she said. “I don’t know what my big change would be at this point.” 

Sailor said she strives to be someone for students to be able to feel comfortable with and look up to. 

It is her 15th year working in education. She spent most of her career working in the Wichita district as an assistant principal, teacher, and advisor. 

Although Sailor spends the majority of her time working at the school, she also finds time to do other things. She loves to go to the gym and kickbox. She also spends lots of time with her family and going to sporting events. At her previous jobs, she even found time to work in restaurants to pick up a little bit of extra cash. 

“I like having the opportunity to be a good role model for students that didn’t have that in their life.”