New Class Alert; Yoga With Woodard To Be Offered In Fall 2021

Yoga has been used to better the body and mind for over 5,000 years. P.E. teacher Nicole Woodard hopes to bring this long-lived tradition to Maize South for students to experience.

Cevin Montgomery, Bullseye Reporter

Mental Health has been a large struggle for students everywhere, and anything from grades to sports can be stressful for all.

P.E. teacher Nicole Woodard plans to bring meditation and yoga to Maize South in the fall to help solve these problems.

Next year, a yoga class run by Mrs. Woodard will be available, and the class is not only just for physical health, there is also a mental aspect to it as well. The class will put a focus on mental health and meditation, while also strengthening the body.

“Mental health is huge because we will focus a lot on the meditation part of it,” said Woodard. “It reduces stress just because you just drop everything, focus on yourself. It’s going to improve your mobility, flexibility, which is going to improve your overall health. And it’ll be a really good workout too, and just super peaceful and relaxing.

Yoga has several benefits for teenagers such as promoting muscle growth and improving mental well-being. Information from Hopkins                    (Created by Cevin Montgomery)

The class is meant to be a time where personal and mental issues from life can be left behind for a while, in order to relax and clear up the mind.

Woodard recognizes teen stressors and how the class can help students step away from their issues for 90 minutes.

“We know that you guys are going through tons of stress. You guys have relationship drama building just friendships. You have homework sports on during the week and tournaments on the weekend and you come home and have more homework. So we created this class so we could help reduce stress for you guys,” said Woodard.

The class will be doing basic yoga for most of the period, with at least ten minutes of meditation time per day. 

“It’ll be a class where you can come in. Just walk in the room, leave all the drama, all the stressors in your life at the door, come in and just do focus on yourself. Have a nice peaceful hour to yourself,” said Woodard. “We’ll be going over some yoga poses each day. We’ll go into like an hour long yoga routine and then we’ll end the day with a 10 minute meditation.”

Woodard has always carried a passion for yoga, despite never getting a certification for it, and has been eager to teach it.  She plans on increasing her education in the field if enough students enroll.

“I’ve always had a big passion for yoga, except for I’ve never been certified yet,” said Woodard.“ So I’m hoping that I’m also going to be learning right there with the kids and I’ll be participating in the yoga. And so hopefully if we can get enough kids to join in the class, I’m really hoping that I can push to become certified for this.”

According to Woodard, it is estimated that only around ten people are going to be taking the class next year.

“So right now, I think we’ll only have about 10 kids taking the class, but I’m hoping after this gets out there that more kids will join in because it’s not going to be a class anyone’s going to regret. It will feel good to take it and help just, you know, start your day with your other classes,” said Woodard. “It’s a morning class too. So come into school, start off right at the bat with some yoga and then your mental mind will just be ready to tackle the rest of your day.”