Soccer For The Soul

While her love for soccer may carry her to the college level, Isabella Crowell simply plays the game for fun.

Cevin Montgomery

Imagine racing across a field towards a single soccer ball, trying to run faster than any other player on the opposing team, honing in like a guided missile.

This is Isabella Crowell’s top mission on the soccer field for the Lady Mavericks, who are currently 6-1-1 and in second place in the AVCTL Division 1 standings.

Crowell is a varsity soccer player with a large passion for the athletics she competes in. For her, athletics also play an important role mentally as well as physically. 

“It’s one of my main sources of happiness,” said Crowell. “It keeps me in shape. I think it is really important to me because it keeps me active and up and going, and it’s just really nice to play in, you get to meet a lot of people in it and it’s just all around a good time.”

She tries to live life one day at a time. Taking things step by step to stay focused on the current upcoming game, instead of worrying about a game two weeks away.

“I just like taking it one at a time, like each game one by one, and then think of the next. I’d rather think of the closest game and then once that’s over, then I’ll think of the next day after that,” said Crowell.

Her mother, Claudia Crowell,  describes her as a spunky, outgoing person who loves to spend time playing sports. 

Stretching during the beginning of practice, junior Isabella Crowell joins in the group circle for a team stretch while the seniors lead the underclassmen on Thursday, April 15. The Lady Mavericks lost their first game of the season but are currently on a two-game winning with 17 goals while only allowing two goals.

“She’s been playing sports since she was very young,” said Claudia Crowell. “So athletics are a big part of her life. Sports have taught her discipline, hard work, and dedication. Sports have definitely helped shape her into the person she is today.”

Crowell’s sister, Gaby, is an important role model to her. Her old sister inspires her to compete at a high level and even plays collegiate soccer at Emporia State University after a successful high school career at Maize South.

“My sister, she plays college and she’s four years older than me, I look up to her because she does everything I want to do when I grow up too,” said Crowell. “It’s just really inspiring to watch her be able to do it, and it makes me feel like I’m able to do it too.”

Crowell’s long term goals are to play soccer in a 4-year college but not advance to a professional level. She wants to spend time enjoying the game for several years to come.

“Five years out, I’ll be in my last year playing soccer in college. If I go to four year and play. Cause yeah. I want to play in college,” said Crowell. “I feel like I’ll just mostly be playing it for fun and for 10 years or so. I just don’t really want to go professional.”