The Juiciest Jewelry Brand: Slices of Citrus

Leah Sachs and Eric Shannon use their love for fruits and vegetables to spark joy and promote an Earth-friendly life style and while donating to environmental causes through their jewelry creations.


Photo by Piper Pinnetti

Surpise friends and family with adorable earrings hanging on the tree. These banana slice earrings cost $25.50 before tax and shipping from Slices of Citrus boutique in Denver, CO.

Piper Pinnetti, Editor-In-Chief

Slices of Citrus is taking over the vegan and eco-friendly world one slice at a time. The company uses real fruit and vegetables to create unique jewelry and bring forward some of nature’s art.

The founder of the company, Leah Sachs, was the original genius behind the jewelry and wore real orange slices on her ears. Five years ago, Sachs took it upon herself to begin selling her jewelry at festivals and other various events along the West coast.

Currently, Slices of Citrus is turning all of the fruits and vegetables into incredible jewelry. As seasons change, different products won’t be available and new ones will be introduced season by season. For instance, pineapple slice earrings during summer!

Eventually, her accessories and business became too popular to manage herself. Her partner, Eric Shannon, made a custom solar-powered cargo van that was perfect for their growing and traveling business. Shannon hopped on board and assisted Sachs full-time with Slices of Citrus and is now the Co-Founder for the group.

Now, the business has their very own website and if you can’t catch them along the West coast, you can get a slice of some citrus jewelry by ordering online or visiting their traveling custom van at different pop-up stands around Colorado. They provide necklaces, earrings for pierced ears, and even clip-on jewelry accessories.

Despite being a cold and chilly as we finish the month of December, they are still able to get quality, fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables they need to craft their jewelry creations. From gorgeous dragon fruit earrings, to even cayenne peppers, nothing says the perfect Christmas gift such as a bright, Christmas red inspired cayenne peppers, right? 

The latest addition to the colorful collection are the bright orange persimmon earrings and necklaces. 

Each fruit and vegetable is coated and cured in an eco-friendly resin that will safely protect the fruit and vegetables. However, it is important to not let them get wet. Take them off before getting in the pool, or shield them from the rain to keep the products in tip-top shape.

Due to each item being made of real product, the shades of colors can fade over time due to sun exposure and oxidation. Different fruits and vegetables may experience this faster than others such as dragon fruit, which maintains is super color over time regardless of sun exposure.

Slices of Citrus has the perfect set for any outfit you can imagine. Their feature on exotic fruits, the cutest mushrooms, and even pickles. The figs bring a great contrast in color and the starfruit makes for an interesting accessory. 

However, I found myself obsessing over the banana earringsThe adorable slices are perfect to wear with a cream shirt or sweater, ripped blue jeans, and a cute pair of brown booties. The soft yellow is easy to match. 

Some fruits and vegetables will be offered in just one size such as banana earrings at small. Oranges are available in XL. While mushrooms or cayenne peppers can be measured to whichever length a customer would like.

For a high quality and earth-friendly gift, the prices are reasonable ranging from $23.50-$40. Almost all of the earring products can be purchased in different sizes. You can keep them small and simple or make a dramatic fashion statement with an XL dragon fruit slice on each ear.

Of course, anything from Sachs and Shannon’s shop is a great buy and every purchase is helping support the small business in Colorado. What else could you want for Christmas other than supporting a local jewelry boutique and getting a rad addition to your closet to start the 2021 calendar year?