The Bullseye Online Gifting Guide for the Holiday Season

There is so much shopping to be done for holiday season, but no worries! The Bullseye knows the best places to shop in the northwest Wichita/Maize area.


Piper Pinnetti, Bullseye Editor-in-Chief

Black Friday and Christmas shopping both happen just within a month?

Loads of presents to buy for yourself and others and not everyone has a money tree growing in their backyard. Luckily, Wichita has plenty of hidden gems when it comes to gift buying and we at the Bullseye know the perfect places to shop for the perfect 2020 holiday season gift.

Third Planet 

This stores beyond the average mall store and has everything you can dream about. Third Planet has a location in the Towne East and Towne West mall and each offer unique items sold only at their location. Anywhere from hilarious socks, cool bedroom posters, salt lamps, and hoodies, it will be hard to walk out without a full shopping bag. The store is a perfect gift buying place for anyone who is a free spirit. 


Crystals can cost as little as a few bucks and funny colorful socks are available everywhere around Third Planet. Paint palettes at Michael’s are as low as one dollar and paints are only a few more each.

All the favorite discount stores: HomeGoods, Marshall’s, Rose, etc. Finding a cheap but good quality stocking stuffer or Christmas gift is guaranteed when you walk in. HomeGoods’ Christmas displays feature sweet peppermint treats, various hot chocolates, and fun baking elements to make a delicious tray of cookies for friends and family. Of course, these stores hold a variety of other items as well such as Christmas candy cane blankets, mugs, room decor, etc.


GameStop is a must go to location if you’re shopping for a gamer! Hundreds of games available for purchase, councils, and more. Not to mention, GameStop has incredible Black Friday deals every year, but items go fast! If you’re new to the gaming scene, it is always alright to buy a gift card. 


Perhaps Michael’s is not a “hidden gem,” but it is a dream come true for your local artists. If you’re shopping for one, go there! Not only do they have great coupons all year round, but also great Black Friday and Christmas deals. From painting, scrapping booking and jewelry making, they also have an adorable collection of decor and tree ornaments for Christmas. 

Flying Moose Antique Mall

Anything is possible in this unique antique mall. From the famous Archie Comics in Spanish, rare Coca-Cola bottles, and other various nicnacs hidden, finding a one-of-a-kind gift will happen quickly. Different sellers have their own booths of  treasures for customers and make money. Items as precious as old 1 cent post cards can be purchased and read with sweet memories.