Nothing Beets the 86 Cold Press Juicery

86 Cold Press can help customer’s begin their juice cleanse journey. On their website, they provide tips on which drinks to consume during when for the best juice cleanse experience.


Photo by Piper Pinnetti

86 Cold Press stores their freshly made juices in a large refridgerator at the register to keep the drinks cool and ready to pick up and go about your day.

Piper Pinnetti, Bullseye Editor-in-Chief

86 Cold Press is an eco-friendly business with two locations. Their goal is to sell quality juice with organic produce while producing a small batch technique for customers to enjoy on their Saturday morning.

Many even start their juice cleanse journey on their way to a healthier lifestyle with a venue such as 86 Cold Press.

The Douglas location is dimly lit inside with the natural light from the windows. When I stepped in, “Your Love” by Déjà Vu was playing to set a younger and relaxed atmosphere.

Upon walking in the owner, Austin Dugan, greeted my family and I and explained to us how the menu and juices work.

The digital menus are sweet and to the point with interesting juice combinations and the list of their ingredients.

We ordered three drinks to try out: Doctor’s Orders, Renew, and Kansas Sunset Chai + Maple Tea. The drinks cost $21.20 before tax, the tea being the cheapest.

The juicery on Douglas Street in downtown Wichita has plenty of nooks and comfortable, relaxing spaces to enjoy while drinking juice and reading a book, working on homework or even catching up with some friends. Photo by Piper Pinnetti.

Renew is a pretty green creation made from Apple, kale, pineapple, and spinach. The drink had a hint of the pineapple taste, and a strong spinach flavor. It also has an odd scent, but doesn’t taste how it smells. This drink is perfect for the health nuts who want both fruits and vegetables to start off their day.

Doctor’s Orders is a pretty sunset color that helps to boost your immune system. This bright potion has carrots, oranges, apple, ginger, lemon, and cayenne. It is delicious and is perfect for when you have the sniffles. The packed electrolytes and metabolism boost will have you feeling better in no time.

The Kansas Sunset Chai + Maple tea is by far the best tea I have ever tried in the Sunflower State. The warming cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom, sweet anise and fennel sets you in a perfect autumn mood. It’s dark and is great for sitting on your porch to read a book or watching your Halloween movie marathon this month.

All juices come in cute glass bottles with 86 printed on them. 86 Cold Press used to take old bottles and reuse them, however, with the effects of COVID-19, that service has been suspended for the juicery.

Both locations require some time in the car, but if you’re in the area on a cloudy autumn day, pick up a warm tea. If you’ve caught yourself missing the warm summer, then get refreshed with a juice cleanse at 86 Cold Press.