Putting Yourself First: Lush Cosmetics Brand and Product

The Lush Cosmetic brand was introduced to the United States in 2003, opening their first store in San Francisco, California.


Photo by Piper Pinnetti

Lush Cosmetics works on creating Earth friendly products, including the containers for the masks and lotions, and even the gift wrapping they use to provide a specialty service to their customers.

Piper Pinnetti, Editor-in-Chief

With school starting again this week on a new schedule, lack of socializing, and possibly other stressors in a student’s life, it is the perfect time to relax and find a way to find peace, even if it is temporary.

Lush Cosmetics has the perfect products available to help you forget the negatives while prioritizing self-care and taking care of your body.

Since the brand first opened in 1995 in Poole, United Kingdom, people have gathered to experience the luxurious bath and body products from Lush Cosmetics. The stores are filled with wonderful scents of lavenders, pears, and more. Shelves are piled high with their famous black pots and shampoo bars. 

Fast forward to 2020, there are now roughly 200 stores open in the U.S. and customers are able to order products online. 

I bought four products over the summer and tried them all over a few weeks. The products are on the expensive side, but it is not impossible to get under your budget. I bought “Butterball” at $5.25, which is the cheapest price for a bath bomb..

Lush Cosmetics keeps it fun and Earth friendly by recycling while also rewarding customers by saving money and receiving free products upon their first few purchases.

Lush Cosmetics focuses not only on the quality of their products, but the quality of the brand by making sure they buy products ethically, recycle as much as possible and partner with businesses and non-profit organizations around the world to keep the Earth clean. Masks and lotions are in Lush’s black pots are made directly from recycled plastics.

Lush’s “Sleepy” body lotion is the first product I tried. The light vegan lotion contains fresh lavender water and Tonka absolute to rejuvenate dull skin and moisturizes newly shaved skin. I had been at work for hours that day, and being clean and having newly shaved legs gave the perfect opportunity to use the product. The calming lavender scent soothes the mind (and body) after any kind of day, even after a rough work day.

“Cup O’ Coffee” is an amazing way to kick start a great day. I used the face mask the morning of a first date and it left my skin feeling silky smooth after the gentle exfoliation from coffee beans. The face mask includes Kaolin, a natural soft clay, as well as vanilla absolute. The strong aroma of a cup of black coffee will wake up any tired face and provide a deep pore cleanse, and left my face smelling like black coffee, my favorite part. I will definitely be purchasing this mask again. 

“Strawberries and Clean” toothpaste jelly is a sweet and jiggly creation that is perfect for those who do not enjoy the taste of mint, or those who have a sweet tooth. Although it has a faint smell and taste of medicine, it is not overwhelming and perfect to bring when you are on vacation or at a friend’s house.. Lush packed strawberry extract, lime oil, and vanilla pod infusion into the container. Even without the use of sugar, it was still sweet!

The Butterball bath bomb doesn’t look very interesting compared to other bath bombs offered at Lush, but the vegan fizzer releases a vanilla aroma. However, if you are wanting to post a pretty bath bomb Snapchat story, this is not the one to use. The bath was tinted white, but the brown specks in the bomb scatter in the tub resulting in the water looking dirty.

I managed to only spend a few cents over $45 after shipping and taxes on these products and I don’t regret a single penny spent. The products are amazing quality, as well as the brand, and I will be shopping from them again soon.