Spirit downpour; rain causes cancellation of Homecoming parade last Friday

Students and staff unite for Homecoming week last week, parade cancelled last minute due to heavy rains.


Photo by Ty Rains

Heavy rains caused the homecoming parade to be cancelled last Friday, October 4. Flood waters continue to add up towards the east side of Maize South in the large grass field.

Sean Maley and Ty Rains, Bullseye staff reporters

With the homecoming dance being right around the corner, students at Maize South are showing they have a strong school spirit by participating in homecoming week activities and events.

Monica Schmidt, an English teacher, is one of the many teachers that enjoys the festivities of homecoming week and takes full advantage of the spirit days.

“I think it’s always a fun time to see what people wear on the spirit days,” said Schmidt. “I think it rallies the school together. It’s something that helps us build a little unity in our school.”

Greg Shelly, head of the Student Council and running homecoming week, knows the time and preparation that it takes to create a successful and enjoyable week for our student body.

“Usually there are a lot of activities during homecoming week. With our student council members they’re going to have a lot going on, and they already have a lot going on in their personal lives,” said Shelly. “Trying to get a lot done early, and planning ahead so we are all on the same page is the most important factor in getting everything prepared.”

Dakota Crane, junior, knows that the preparation and dedication he has to the upcoming homecoming dance is unmatched.

“One thing I’ve done to prepare for homecoming is working out for the last six to nine months for homecoming,” Crane said.  “I’ve lost 40 pounds, and now I’m bulking up to get big. Homecoming is really the only thing I care about right now.”

Shelly loves the sense of community the week gives when students and staff participate and enjoy themselves.

“I think its cool when there’s the opportunity to collectively show that you are part of a group,” Shelly said. “You get the chance to participate in something and do something a bit out of the norm, like wearing pajama pants to school.”

Unfortunately, the parade was cancelled due to weather conditions in an email from Principal Hickerson at 12:42 p.m. This was less than an hour before the parade start time, but that still didn’t stop the students and staff from enjoying the rest of the day.

“I understand that it is hard to move on when a homecoming tradition like the parade is cancelled, for both teachers and students,” said Shelly.  “Many people worked hard to plan and prepare entries to the parade, and unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. However, the pep club along with Mrs. Buchanan, Ms. Snyder, and Mrs. Woodard, the band, cheer, and dance teams did a great job of being flexible to provide a pep assembly on such short notice to keep the energy moving toward the football game that night.”