Polar Plunge to take place Saturday

Justice Mannie, Reporter

This year’s Polar Plunge will take place tomorrow at Mystic Lake at 12 p.m. The polar plunge is a Special Olympics event hosted to raise money to support special needs kids.  The event allows special needs students to compete in different sports.They have everything from sprints to bike races. 

There was $500 made last year, and hopefully this year there could be more. In order to participate in the plunge you must raise a minimum of $75. You can ask people to pledge for your team. 

The school’s resource Officer Jamey Dover will be participating. He invited administrator Aaron Leichner to support the cause. 

“I actually live on a lake,” Leichner said. “I’ve jumped in the cold water before right around this time of year. So I thought, well, we’ll do it for a good cause”.  

This event gives the people in the Special Olympics a chance to play.  

“If you’re crazy enough to jump in, just chip in about $10-$15,” Leichner said. 

Any and all donations will be gratefully received. Even a small donation would help. 

“You get a group of people to dress up stupid and jump in really cold water,” Dover said. 

Leichner and Dover will be dressing in Hawaiian themed clothing this year for the Plunge and hopes it will help raise more donations.

“The outcome of it will be a lot of fun and you know a little bit of extra funds for a good cause,” Dover said.

There are approximately 30 guys that are signed up to jump in on spread out over different teams.