Choir holds first in-person concert


Photo by Laney Turner

Senior Gavin Wright sings at the choir’s Christmas concert, in which only photographers ad recorders were allowed.

Brooklynn White

Due to COVID-19, choir has been unable to perform in front of a live audience all year, like much of the surrounding Wichita area. However, choir director Doris Prater has chosen a venue large enough to accommodate a large crowd for a concert tomorrow. The concert will be held at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church on Sunday, Mar. 7 at 2:30 p.m. 

“Students were always talking about the fact of how hard it is to perform without an audience,” Prater said. “They have been so excited, especially since the sports have been allowed to have people watching them.”

The concert will cover a multitude of emotions about the past year and how music has helped people through it. Not only will it have to do with emotions in regards to the pandemic but also social justice issues, feelings of isolation, and a new feeling of unity with everyone being back together in school. The concert is supposed to convey the feeling of support for all.

“They have been waiting for this day,” Prater said. “We love to perform but boy it feels like something else with an audience.” 

Junior Caden Cauthon thinks that people will recognize the choir’s hard work and passion.

“Masks have never left our faces while singing,” Cauthon said. “Though it is a challenge, it sure is a worthwhile one! I think it will be very encouraging for people to hear our music in person.”