Student turns part-time job into career


Crumbl swaps out four of their cookies each week.

Sascha Harvey

For most students, a high school job is just that: a high school job. But senior Tyler Massie, however, is taking his job at Crumbl Cookies to the next level. He’s only worked with Cumbl for three months, but Massie is on track to become a field trainer based in Utah through a management training program. 

“It’s a corporate position where I would travel around the U.S. and train Crumbl employees on how to open stores and train their employees,” he said. “That’s my goal.”

After working for the cookie store for two months, Massie and three other employees went on a trip to Overland Park.

“The whole trip was to make sure the [four people] that went were all corporate certified as shift leads,” he said. “We went to a store that was getting ready to open. While we were there, we helped train the new employees […] and helped get the store ready.”

Massie never thought a high school job would turn into something long-term. He previously bounced around the idea of being a police officer before switching his plans to a crisis worker.

“Sometimes life just goes that way,” he said. “As long as you’re happy doing it, I don’t really think it should matter to anyone else.”

With this job, he looks forward to “growing as a person and getting to know more and more people along the way. I think that’ll be the best part.”

And, of course, the chocolate chip cookies.