Seniors plan to leave Kansas after graduation


Courtesy photo

Senior Meaghann Flower plans to attend Pace University after graduation.

Brooklyn Blasdel, Editor

With graduation quickly approaching, seniors are starting to make their final college decisions. While many want to stay in state, or even stay in Wichita, some seniors are looking for more of a far away college town. 

Senior Meaghann Flower is planning to spend her college years in New York City. Flower is planning on majoring in political science with hopes to go onto be a lawyer, and she believes NYC is the perfect place to further her education for this.

“I chose this college because I wanted a challenge and a change,” she said. “There are also a lot of great opportunities for internships and jobs that relate to my major.”

Many seniors take visits to their college before deciding, and see it as an important step in their college process. Flower agrees, and has loved the college since she visited.

“There isn’t really a campus since it is in the heart of New York. The city is your campus,” she said. “I love it.”

But going far away for college does present itself with some problems, such as Flower’s family being over 1,000 miles away.

“My family is happy for me because they know this is what I want,” she said. “But they are a bit sad knowing I’m going to be so far away.”

Senior Stasia Roath is also looking for a completely new experience while attending the university of Wyoming in Laramie. Roath is going due to their great majors in her field, anthropology and archaeology. 

“I’d like to work in a museum,” she said.

Like Flower, Roath is excited about leaving Kansas and seeing new regions after graduation.

“I am excited for new experiences and meeting new people,” Flower said. “I can’t wait to be in a completely new atmosphere.”