Maize students react to five days a week schedule change

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

Maize High School’s Board of Education has decided to have the students go five days a week starting Feb 25.

Sophomore Nevaeh Wicker is one of many students who have a strong opinion on going back to school.

“I think that going back would be good for everyone,” Wicker said. “Personally there is a lot I cannot learn online.”

One of the hardest things for Wicker to handle with hybrid and remote learning is having to partly teach herself.

“It is really hard for me to partly teach myself when the teacher’s don’t do enough online teaching,” she said.

Throughout COVID parents have voiced their opinions on what the school should do. Wicker feels that they don’t know how hard it is for students to balance their work and keep stress levels low.

“I feel the parents don’t know the toll of being remote or hybrid takes on my mental health,” she said.

Sophomore Emily Guiliante has a different view than Wicker and would rather not go back to school.

“Full remote would personally be the best option,” Guiliante said. “But the second best would be continuing with hybrid.”

Many students feel unrepresented by the Board of Education, Guiliante is no different.

“A while ago the school board started catering more to the couple of angry parents than the students and teachers,” she said.

Guiliante feels that full in person was not the correct choice due to social distancing and students and teachers wearing their masks wrong.

“Covid numbers are still going up,” she said. “Most classes in our school don’t have the space to put everyone six feet apart, and the teachers and students get little to no consequences on wearing their masks wrong.”