KAY club hosts drive-thru food drive

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

Maize High School KAY Club and Student Council is hosting a drive-thru food drive to help Maslow’s Pantry and the food bank.

Darcie Lowry is the KAY Club sponsor and is helping to plan this event on Dec 16.

“We usually do at least one each fall, but would consider a spring drive too,” she said.

KAY Club board advisor Emmalynn Kohl loves doing events like these and is excited for the event.

“It’s nice to see all the students and community come together for one cause,” Kohl said.

The need for a food drive is more prevalent due to COVID-19 in Lowry’s eyes.

“The need is greater than ever due to job loss and the added difficulty for students who don’t have transportation to pick-up food during remote learning,” Lowry said.

One of Kohl’s worries about the food drive this year is the lack of participation.

“I think the participation and donations will be much lower than they would be if the food drive was in-person and went longer than a day,” Kohl said.

As there are with every event there are obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome.

“We don’t know how many will participate, so it’s hard to know how many volunteers we will or won’t need to take in the food,” Lowry said.

Kohl hopes this act of kindness will help to encourage people to continue on through this difficult time.

“I feel like it will help a lot of families who are struggling right now,” Kohl said. “I think it will encourage them to keep going.” 

The one thing that Lowry wants people who are considering to donate to know  is the direct contribution it has to the Maize community.

“I would want people to know that this food directly goes to supporting our own Maize families,” Lowry said.

Kohl believes that this food drive will be able to keep Maslow’s Pantry and food bank stocked for people in need.

“I think having a food drive is so important at this time because with everything that is going on in the world a lot of people are struggling and need some help,” Kohl said. “So if we can keep the food bank and Maslows stocked then we can reach more people.”

The impact of food drives brings in both people who seek the help and those who seek to help.

“There are people looking for ways to give and be helpful,” Lowry said. “So having an organized event just helps connect the need to those wanting to help.”