District offers free meals to all students via curbside pickup- update

Lily Robison, Social Media Editor

Curbside pick up for free meals now available to all maize students.

Maize USD 266 Food Service are offering all students a free breakfast and lunch on school days via curbside pickup.

A set menu will be available if remote learning continues past the fall break, but currently there are a few items being provided now.

“Breakfasts includes either cereal, a whole grain item or a breakfast sandwich to heat at home, and include a fruit or juice,” Director of Food Service Megan Barnard said. “For lunch we are offering entrees students can heat up at home, salads and sandwiches in addition to fruits, vegetables and milk.”

Meals will be free for the whole school year regardless of which learning model our district is operating, she said.

Students can pre-order meals by downloading the NutriSlice app or by visiting usd266.nutrislice.com. Instructions to order are available here. Meals are offered at Vermillion Elementary (10am-11am), Maize High School (4pm-5pm), Maize South Elementary (4:30-5:30pm * starts 11/23) and Maize South High School (5pm-6pm).

“Students should order meals for the week using the ‘Order Here’ button on the Monday that week,” Barnard said. “Order once a week for daily meal pick up. Orders are closed on Mondays at 9am for the week; however if you miss an order you can email [email protected].”

At curbside pickup, students should expect to follow the traffic map for their location. Be prepared to tell the curbside attendant their first and last name, and either pop the trunk or open a window for Food Service staff to place meals in their vehicle. Walk-ups and bike-ups could also be served.

“If a student is in quarantine or another extenuating circumstance that makes getting to meal pickup challenging, delivery is available on a case-by-case basis,” she said. “Delivery requests can be emailed to [email protected]. We want to make sure everyone has access to this benefit.”

Barnard says that all Maize families have been affected by the pandemic in some way or another and the district’s food service department is hoping this relieves some of the extra stress brought on by it.

“We want students and their parents to understand that if you participate in the meals you are not ‘taking’ a benefit that could go to another family,” she said. “Everyone is eligible and everyone should take advantage of the consistency that school meals can provide.”