Boys soccer takes second at state

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

The boys soccer team placed second in 5A state this past weekend.

Senior Tanner Prophet has played all four years of high school and says realizing this is his last year as an Eagle is hard.

I had to make everything memorable and going and getting second at state is definitely one to remember,” Prophet said.

Senior Max Shea broke his leg, but said he was extremely happy to see the team be able to make it to sub-state.

“I was extremely happy for the boys to have made it that far and I was their number one supporter all the way through the playoffs,” Shea said.

As always in sports there is something to look back on to get better at, it is no different for Prophet.

Something I could’ve done better was to honestly just win a state ring with these boys because we accomplished more than we could,” Prophet said.

Even though Shea was off the field with an injury, he was still nervous for his team.

It was still very nerve wracking to even watch these games knowing it was win or go home for the very last time in our high school careers,” Shea said.

The reactions of the team winning the sub-state and realizing they would be going to state was different for most, but Prophet said he was simply happy.

I was honestly surprised,” Prophet said. “But then again happy because we knew we could do it and I knew we had the boys to beat that type of talent and we did.”

The hardest part of the season for Shea was realizing that the team could be defeated.

“The hardest part of soccer this year was after the Classical game and the realization of the team that we were beatable,” Shea said. “It humbled us at the time, but ultimately made us even stronger and more focused.”

Even though they did not win, they succeeded in Prophet’s eyes.

“In the state game we were all really tired,” Prophet said. “So it didn’t really help that we played a hundred plus minutes in the first game, but we succeeded as a family.”