Girls golf season comes to an end

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

Senior Brooklyn Blasdel chips onto the green at Auburn Hills. Blasdel shot a 45 at this tournament. (Meredith Frahm)

Maize High girls golf season ended with the state  tournament on Oct. 20 at the Salina Municipal golf course.

Senior Lexie Ridder has been playing since her freshman year and placed top ten at State.

“This year I think I did good as an individual,” Ridder said. “But there is always room for improvement.”

Senior Brooklyn Blasdel has also been playing since her freshman year and placed 24th at State.

“I didn’t have a great tournament at State,” Blasdel said. “But it was still fun to play with my girls one last time.

Overall the team placed at multiple tournaments throughout this season and was hoping to place at League if all of their varsity golfers were there.

“I think the team did amazing.” Ridder said, “I just wish we could have played in league together to win the fourth time in a row.”

The team put in a lot of practice to have all of their hard work pay off.

“We all put in a lot of work and we were able to place at a lot of tournaments,” Blasdel said.

While working hard at practice and playing at tournaments, the team was able to make many great memories together.

“I think staying in the hotel for State was the best part,” Ridder said. “We all got to spend time together and just have a good time.”

Blasdel also has many fond memories from over the seasons and especially this year.

“My favorite part of every season is getting to hangout with my teammates,” Blasdel said. “We always have a lot of fun, but this year was especially important since it’s our senior year.”

With college quickly approaching, both Ridder and Blasdel prepare for what their futures’ in golf will look like.

“In college I am really hoping to better myself and become more consistent in my swing,” Ridder said.

Blasdel is looking forward to college and what opportunities it will hold for her and her game.

“I’m looking at a few different colleges for golf at the moment,” Blasdel said. “But regardless of what I decide I’m excited to continue improving at my game.”