Marching band “flocks” Maize community


Marching band begins a creative fundraising activity.

Mia Hennen, Reporter

Amidst all the breaking of traditions and lack of normalcy, the band members found a new way to connect while making money for their department.

Members of the band started a new norm by gathering plastic flamingos and placing them in the yard of a selected member of the Maize community with a sign accompanying it saying “flocking courtesy of Maize High Band.” 

“My mom makes a sign up for it,” junior Stone Sears said. “I find myself asking different [members of the band] if they can do it.”

If the flocked person chooses to donate to the band department, the members will take the time to go and remove everything from their yard. Principal Chris Botts was the first member of the high school staff to get flocked.

“They normally get a good laugh out of it,”  junior Marissa Milner said. “If they would like they can pay to let us take them down for them.”

The donations go a long way to help fund the activities and events the band wants to participate in and, on top of this, the activity also brings students closer together.

“I feel like the individuals who have participated have grown closer to one another,” Milner said. “After we flock, we normally go get ice cream or go and hang out with each other.”

Members of the marching band have high hopes for the fundraising activity and hope to continue it during the symphonic and concert band season as well. 

“I do hope it does continue,” senior Tyler Erikson said. “I feel like if they do it will be able to bring in a lot of money and attention to the Maize High School Band.”