Choir to perform fall show this month

Carter Jones, Reporter

Senior Mitch Waggoner rehearsing choreography for the fall show.

The district has allowed the choir to perform their annual fall show this month. The show will be recorded and released this year on Oct. 31.

“Our first show of the year is all about Halloween,” senior Mitch Waggoner said. “If you think of songs that have to do with Halloween, chances are, we’re probably singing it.”

With uncertainty whether there would be a fall show this year or not, the district approved the plan to have a pandemic safe show. The choir was given very little time to prepare.

“The fact that we have only been able to rehearse together for just around 11 days is totally crazy,” Waggoner said. “It’s just one of those things where you really have to find the time to sit down and work on choir.”

Having a pandemic safe show comes with many restrictions put in place to ensure the safety of the choir. Students will be required to wear a mask, be socially distanced and the show will be recorded on video instead of live performances being held.

“I understand the precautionary measures we’re required to take,” senior Adelyn Heuer said. “But doing a virtual show simply doesn’t carry the same passion as performing for a live audience.”

Masks are definitely an inconvenience to everyone, especially singers, who rely on clear projections of sound from the mouth. Heuer said she prefers to sing with masks than not being able to sing at all.

“The sound is muffled and the masks slide around anytime you open your mouth,” she said.

Heuer also said that there is a matter of diction and trying to make up for the volume and enunciation lost through the masks.

“I think the energy we’ve got for being able to do the show again can make up for a lot of those little technicalities,” she said.

Facial expression is also another important aspect of musical performance that is somewhat lost with the introduction of masks.

“It’s difficult because one of the main aspects of performance is being able to accurately convey emotion,” Heuer said. “Which is often best done through facial expression.”

Heuer believes that choir director Dorris Prater has done a phenomenal job at managing the choirs throughout the uncertainty. 

“She has such a positive attitude and is always looking forward to making the next move,” Heuer said. “It’s absolutely invigorating to be in her class and it’s really inspiring to me to make the most of things and keep moving forward.”