Traffic regulations change driving for students


45th has a new speed limit of 30 mph.

Taylor Ingram, Reporter and Cartoonist

Maize High School is undergoing traffic construction on 45th St. Construction has occurred throughout this past summer and is almost completed. Introducing brand new turning lanes and a stoplight, as well as the new 30 mph speed limit, students and parents can ensure safe transportation to and from school.

Senior Hannah Soderstrom is happy with these changes due to problems in traffic last year. In previous years, lines would stretch across 45th St., leaving the road crowded with cars.

“A lot of people were scared of turning,” Soderstrom said. “They would just kind of sit there forever.”

Students at Maize High have always had a set routine when school ended for the day. Adjusting to construction was something that staff, including school resource officer Jamey Dover, were concerned about.

“I was a little worried because everybody is so used to what it is,” Dover said. “Because it’s a construction zone, all fines are doubled.”

The biggest change that most need to keep an eye out for is the new 30 mph speed limit on 45th.

“Basically the entire front of the high school is considered a construction zone,” Dover said. “So the speed limit is 30 until the construction is completed.”

Students and teachers alike are trying to adjust to these traffic regulations. Art teacher Jodee Johnson struggled with the new speed limit.

“It’s easier on the way in because there’s a sign,” Johnson said, “but when I come out, I always forget because there’s not a sign going that way.”

These new changes have had an impact on safety regarding traffic in front of the school. Dover wants to assure students that construction will be done shortly.

“Just bear with us,” he said. “It’ll be done soon, and it’ll get back to normal.”