School Hosts Apply KS Month Event


Ellie Stucky

Students in the commons submitting applications for college.

Molly Wenzel, Reporter

An Apply KS event was hosted in the commons on October 1st and 2nd by Diane Close, the school’s college and career advocate. The event gave seniors the chance to begin the application process for college with the aid of counselors and college representatives.

“Apply KS is an opportunity for students to get assistance with applications, or to begin the financial aid process,” Close said. 

October is recognized as Apply KS Month. Schools across the state are encouraging students to begin filling out all their applications for college, FAFSA, and scholarships.

“[Apply KS Month] really encourages students, because campuses have a priority scholarship deadline of October or November,” Close said

During the event, Kevin Frye brought his first block class to fill out applications and get assistance with the forms.

“I think it is super important for seniors to understand and get used to the process of applying for a college,” Frye said. “College can feel really overwhelming and big, so anything we can do as a school to be some sort of bridge for students I think is going to be super helpful.”

Jennifer Cashman, one of the school’s counselors, was also at the event. 

“I definitely think it’s important for your future plans,” Cashman said. “A lot of careers now require some sort of higher education, and [college helps] you be ready for the future and whatever the future will bring.”

Close was very eager to help students. She was also very encouraging about students going to college.

“Life is full of question marks,” she said. “There’s a lot of people out there competing for the same job. If you can say ‘I met this goal that I set by attending college,’ then you’re just one step ahead of possibly the next person.”