What makes Maize High School special to you?


Students in The Nest cheer for the football team Friday night against Newton. Maize won 34-27.

Teagan Redinger, Reporter

Maize High School is known for many things, from the staff to the student section at football games. Students talk about what makes Maize High special  to them.

“Nothing compares to the over hype student section,” sophomore Shelby Willems said.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced restrictions to be set into place, the Maize High student section didn´t slow down. Students followed boundaries and showed their school spirit.

“I love how much school spirit our school has,” sophomore Maia Djurovic said. “[I love] how a lot of the students dress up for spirit days and games,” sophomore Maia Djurovic said. 

The Maize football field is where many students go on their Friday nights to cheer on the Eagles football team.

“I like how a lot of people show up to the football games and basketball games,” sophomore Maggie Salsbury said. “I love the school spirit.”

The Maize High staff has had to overcome many difficult obstacles this year due to the virus. Every staff member has given their best everyday to make sure students have a safe and clean environment to learn.

“I love the overwhelming love and support from the staff,” senior Ellie Canizzo said. 

Many students look forward to seeing their friends at school, either in the lunchroom or the classroom.

“I would say my favorite thing about MHS is being able to be with my friends and the amazing staff,” sophomore Maggie Millerskow said.