Frye dancing with cat goes viral on TikTok


Kevin Frye requires students to bring pictures of their pets for his Pet Pals wall.

Sascha Harvey and Taylor Ingram

Those with Kevin Frye as their English teacher know of his videos dancing with his pets in a puppeteer-like fashion. However, thanks to a video gone viral posted by senior Sydney Holmes, TikTok users from around the globe have seen him dance with his cat. 

“I just made the video because I thought it would be funny,” Holmes said. “I didn’t think anybody would see it.”

Frye said Holmes approached him “sheepishly” the day after posting the TikTok to tell him about the unexpected traction it had gained. 

“[Holmes] initially thought that it would be pretty minor,” Frye said. “She said she had two likes [when the video was posted] and by the next morning it was like 72 thousand.”

With the video currently clocking in at about 729 thousand views and 177 thousand likes, this is Holmes and Frye’s first brush with internet fame. 

“There’s a part of me that’s embarrassed,” Frye said. “I’m a bit of an introvert. I don’t typically put myself out there in that fashion.”

Most comments were positive, with some complimenting Frye’s appearance or fun teaching style. One notable comment stands out in Holmes’s mind.

“My favorite one was like, ‘tell your teacher he’s really hot,’” she said. She did, in fact, tell him. 

Frye said there’s many more videos of him dancing with pets than the one that appears in Holmes’s TikTok. 

“There’s one with each of my dogs,” he said. “Then there’s one with the cat [and] one with both cats to the Beatles.” 

Although Frye wouldn’t normally go out of his way to seek out internet stardom, he likes the experience. 

“I just appreciate that it’s fun and in good spirits,” he said. “It’s kind of neat on some level. I enjoy the good natured relationship that the video demonstrates.”