Students give their feedback on homework load during hybrid schedule

Isabelle Blasdel, Reporter

With students back in classrooms, many are overwhelmed with the amount of homework of both in-person and remote days.

Senior Mitchael Casement is taking multiple college courses this semester, and the workload has been different compared to the normal school schedule.

“I feel like I have more homework,” he said. “But maybe that is just because I am home 60% of the time.”

Due to the new hybrid schedule, student athletes like Casement have also had to adapt to balancing new work at home on top of practices and games.

“Sports have always made homework harder,” he said. “But I think it has gotten harder to keep track and complete all assignments.”

Students have many different opinions on the new schedule, and Casement is no different.

“I am not a huge fan of the hybrid schedule,” Casement said. “I would rather it be in person or all online.”

Sophomore Taylor Roetzer has also been feeling the pressure of homework becoming more overwhelming.

“I do think I have way more homework,” she said. “However, I know with only going to school for 2 days we do need a little more work than usual.”

Some students have suggestions for teachers to help make both students and teachers less stressed.

“It would be easier if we could get work during the days we go to school,” she said. “So we don’t have as much on our remote days to do.”

Apart from school, students have many other commitments; such as going to work, sports, and watching younger siblings, which adds more work to students already full plates.

“It’s hard to get over 5 plus assignments done on top of studying for quizzes and tests before 10 p.m.,” she said.