Leichner replaces Broadbent assistant principle position

Peyton Samek, Reporter

As plans for the next school year are being made, you can expect to see a new, but maybe familiar, face. Aaron Leichner will be stepping in as the new assistant principal next year at Maize High. Students may know him as the fitness teacher at Maize Middle. 

Leichner, who is replacing the retiring Craig Broadbend, is a Maize grad and looks back fondly on his high school years.

“You know I’ve always loved school,” Leichner said. “I had a great experience at school, in Maize High. I’ve always wanted to as a teacher to give students the best experience possible.”

Lily Robison 

One thing he is most excited about is seeing all of his old students.

“I think my transition will be easier than most just because I know a lot of the staff already, I know them well,” Leichner said. “Obviously all of the students there I’ve had unless they’re new to the district.”

As Leichner starts this new journey, he has had to say goodbye to some things. Fitness is a big part of his life and he’s going to miss teaching kids that aspect of life.

“Probably one of the biggest joys is when you see somebody else sorta buy into that lifestyle,” Leichner said. “I will miss when I see that spark light up in a student. When they take that gain from my class and run with it.“

His roles between the two schools are going to be a lot different.

“Right now I’m sitting here and I’m in shorts and a t-shirt with tennis shoes,” Leichner said. “I would say, kinda jokingly, but seriously it’s a completely different role. Including the clothes that I’m wearing. Just a complete shift in gears, different responsibilities, different relationships with staff and students than I’ve had.”