Booster club scholarships awarded to four seniors

Londen Peebler, Reporter

The booster club scholarship is awarded each year to a group of graduating student athletes planning to attend a two or four year college after high school. This year the scholarship was awarded to seniors Aria Sheldon for cross country/track, Kyerra Snyder for cross country and track, Andrew Hanlin for football, basketball and track and Cameron Jurgensen for football and baseball. 

Each student was required to fill out an application online which included an assessment of GPA, school participation, college plans, and an essay portion in which they were judged based on spelling, grammar, and the quality and genuineness of the essay. 

Senior Andrew Hanlin was awarded the scholarship for football, basketball and track and said the application is based on how sports impacted his life and high school as a whole. 

“The scholarship will definitely help with adding on to the additional money I get to go to college,” Hanlin said. “I was happy when I received the scholarship and proud of my writing.” 

Senior Aria Sheldon was awarded the scholarship for cross country and track and feels filling out the scholarship application really motivated her. 

“As everyone knows, college is expensive so winning this scholarship will help out a lot,” Sheldon said. “It also encouraged me to continue applying for other scholarships.”

Sheldon said she was shocked when she received the scholarship, but also “super excited.”