Five tips to avoid procrastination in quarantine


Brooklyn Blasdel

Online learning can make it hard to stay focused, here on some tips on how to avoid procrastination.

Brooklyn Blasdel, Sports editor

Brooklyn Blasdel
Online learning can make it hard to stay focused, here on some tips on how to avoid procrastination.

Staying focused at school can sometimes be hard enough, but with the recent switch to E-Learning in the Maize school district, focusing at home can be even harder for some students. Here are some of the tips I use to stay focused and avoid procrastination on schoolwork while in quarantine. 

1: Get your work done as soon as you wake up. The longer you go throughout the day without doing your work, the harder it will be to focus on later at night. I’ve found that when I get my work done in the morning, it gives me more free time in the afternoon, and I can focus better.

2: Get out of bed. I know I know, your bed is the most comfy place to do work. It’s easy just to lean over and grab your computer and lay in bed all day. But getting up and changing your work environment can help your focus on your work greatly. I’ve noticed that even when I just move across the room to my desk, my focus changes. I’m able to get more work done and get less distracted because my environment is different.

3: Find a friend to keep you focused. At school, we are used to having our friends in our class to keep us company. With quarantine, many of us haven’t been able to see our classmates. If you find you’re struggling to complete your work, a friend might be helpful to keep you on task. You can face time them as you do your assignments and help keep each other accountable to get them all done.

4: Put your phone across the room. If you’re like me, then you know how hard it is to stay focused on schoolwork when your phone is right there. If you aren’t having a classmate keep you focused, it’s easier just to leave it across the room all together. If you can’t see the notifications, it’s easier to resist opening your phone every couple of minutes.

5: Take mini breaks: For me, mini breaks work much better than long extended breaks. If I give myself too much time to take a break, it takes me forever to get back into my school mindset. If I can focus long enough to finish an assignment, I’ll take a short 5 minute break. Whether that’s to get food, look at my phone, or just get up and move around for a bit. Then I can go back to my work and start again without having to get completely refocused.

These are the things that help me avoid procrastination, but everyone is different! Just remember that putting it off until Friday will likely cause more stress. And E-Learning is new to everyone! Find what works best for you and your classes.