Inside looking out

Teagan Redinger, Reporter

It’s day number eleven in this prison. They told me I can’t interact with anyone outside. I need social interaction, I crave it. I desire nothing more than a face-to-face conversation. I long for a run outside without being told I’m breaking the rules. But I can’t , all because of a virus. 

Staying inside all day every day is torture. I miss playing soccer and being a part of a team. I miss going to school and talking with my friends during lunch. I know many of us feel this way as well. All we want is to go into favorite restaurants. We want to be able to go to school and talk to other kids. We miss being a part of a club or team. All we want is for things to go back to normal. 

But things aren’t normal and they won’t be for a while. People say there’s nothing we can do to stop it, but there is. We can stay inside. Nurses, grocery store workers, essential workers need us to stay inside.

I know. I know you want to go outside and socialize. I know you want to act like things are normal. But the more we go against these set suggestions, the longer this crisis will endure. So even though it feels like you’re trapped in a prison cell, you’re saving the world by staying inside.