The truth of uncertainty

Kyerra Snyder, Journalist

It’s so surreal that just a month ago I was sitting in school wishing it could be over, but now all I wish for is to get to walk down those dimmed hallways while talking to my best friend again.

I am such a sure person most of the time. I don’t do anything unless I am 100% sure of it. Not being sure of the next step in my life scares the heck out of me. 

I don’t know what next week will bring, or even tomorrow. But I know one thing: I am going to hold my head high for myself and the whole class of 2020.

Sure, having all of those lasts being taken away from us hurts like hell, but sometimes things come to an end in unexpected ways. 

I’m scared of the future. I keep replaying scenarios in my brain of what tomorrow and next week will bring. But to be completely honest, I know they’re all wrong. We simply don’t know. That’s what scares us the most.

Most of us aren’t scared of the virus itself. We are scared of the unexpected. The unexpected is so scary because the human brain needs to know everything to feel completely safe. At least, I know mine does.

For now, I just need to be positive. Being positive doesn’t mean we can’t worry and be a little sad at times. It simply means we need to be hopeful and faithful of the future. 

I know it’s easier to play those horrific scenarios in your head over and over again, but you can’t do that to yourself. It’s only going to bring you down.

Think of the positives, there may not be many but there are some.

Think of the extra time you get to spend with your family before you go off on a new adventure on your own called life. Think about all the laughs and smiles you get to have with your loved ones, all of those memories wrapped up together are worth this shut down.

Those memories will last a lifetime. 

I didn’t want this to be a thank you letter to Covid-19 but that’s what it has turned into. 

Thank you Covid-19 for giving me these memories with my family and making me even stronger. 

I was born into a crisis called 9/11 and I got past that as a tiny baby, now I will graduate in a pandemic but through it all I am strong and willing to grow even if I am uncertain. So, thank you.