Theatre in Our Schools holds raffle

Sascha Harvey, Morgan Beham, Reporters

In celebration of Theatre in Our Schools month, Maize is holding the second Theatre Thursday. Students can wear a theatre-related shirt and sign up for a drawing, which will gift winners gift cards or a basket. Theatre in Our Schools advocates for theatre programs for all students, regardless of economic status. 

Educational Theatre Association, the organization that first introduced the celebration, said that week one is “thespian spirit week,” week two is “your school week,” week three is “your community week,” and week four is “elected officials week.” However, the impact of theatre on students can be seen every month of the year. 

“My favorite part about theatre and drama is the collaboration and how students are able to … take props and are able to have an artistic direction,” sophomore Warren Swedberg said. 

He’s only been involved in drama for about a year, but drama has introduced him to those from different walks of life. 

“Drama has made me very open about ideas,” Swedberg said.

Junior Ollie Henderson starred in the Eagle Theatre’s production of Macbeth as Lady Macbeth. She has used theatre as an outlet to express herself for more than three years. 

“You can pretend to be someone else for a while,” she said. “It’s also introduced me to a ton of people who are just as passionate about the [same] things I am.”

While Swedberg practices his lines for the upcoming production of Puffs, Henderson is celebrating this month by making a point to incorporate theatre into her daily life. 

“Drama has [taught] me how to collaborate with people who are very different from you … and … how to make lasting friendships,” Swedberg said.