Mitch Waggoner named a 2020 Prairie Schooner mate

Abby Turner, Social Media Editor

The Prairie Schooner Mates are local high school juniors who act as youth ambassadors for Riverfest. They represent public and private schools in Wichita and the surrounding areas. Each year, one high school junior student from Wichita area schools are chosen to be a Schoonie.

Last year, Maize High School’s Schoonie was senior Abby McCoy. She nominated Mitch Waggoner to be this years. After one of the counselors informed Mitch of this, he decided to apply and was named as this year’s Maize High School Schoonie. McCoy is also a Schoonie mentor to the current Schoonies this year.

“I think my favorite part of being a Schoonie was seeing a bunch of juniors come together and be so enthusiastic about their city,” McCoy said.

Schoonies spend 150 hours in the community prior to and during the festitval.

“We do two civic duties days before Riverfest where we visit hospitals, domestic violence shelters and more,” McCoy said. “We bring the Riverfest to those who can’t go.”

The first half of your summer is very devoted to Riverfest and your job as a Schoonie. Waggoner is excited to see what this experience will bring through the summer.

“I am excited to get to know a bunch of people and just hangout at Riverfest for two weeks,” Waggoner said.

With there being a student from almost every Wichita area high school nominated as a Schoonie, there is lots of opportunity to meet new people from all over Wichita.

“We have had two meetings so far and a press conference where we announced the Admiral, so through that I have gotten to meet and become friends with a lot of people,” Waggoner said.

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